Navajo Gold & Silversmith Robert Taylor

We don’t usually think of Navajo jewelry as being made of gold.  But, by a few talented, and lucky, artists, it is.

The work is rare, it is unique, and, while sitting at Twin Rocks, Robert Taylor tells us how he makes amazing jewelry out of silver AND gold.

Get lucky, and hear it from a pro.

When a Belt is more than a Belt!

Allison is an extraordinary Navajo artist who lives down near Albuquerque. He goes by his middle name, Snowhawk.

We are overjoyed when he visits, and are blown-away by his art and his technique.

Here he have Steve Simpson, of Twin Rocks, showing us this extraordinary, and one-of-a-kind, piece of wearable art.

Zuni Jewelry Soars with the Birds

Twin Ricks trading post has an array of modern Zuni jewelry

The Magic of Zuni Jewelry Loves Birds

Discoveries of prehistoric jewelry at ancestral Zuni villages inspired a revival of mosaic work in the 1920’s.  The updated technique utilized silver backing rather than wood or shell.  Modern mosaic work features an array of stones and shell from around the world.  The artist designs the overall form and then individually cuts each stone to fit tightly with the other stones in the piece.

Another type of mosaic work, called overlay inlay, features two pieces of silver, one for the backing and the second, with a pattern cut from the silver, soldered on top.  Rather than leaving the silver empty as in Hopi overlay, zuni artists fill the opening with stones laid in to form a mosaic design.

Channel inlay is a variation of mosaic inlay.  The artist creates soldered silver compartments within the backing.  Cut stones fitted within the compartments create repetitive geometric designs or figurative pieces.  The compartments strengthen the integrity of the many stones within a mosaic piece and provide an added design element.

Since ancient times, the Zuni people have used fetish carvings for protection and blessings.  Originally carved from stones found near the pueblo or from traded shells, early fetish jewelry consisted of simple stone and shell necklaces which might contain several animal fetishes or a single animal pendant.

Twin Rocks carries Zuni jewelry, hand-crafted and unique

Zuni Bird Jewelry Protects and Heals

Excerpts from A Guide to Indian Jewelry of the Southwest by Georgiana Kennedy Simpson