The Southwest Loves Families of Every Kind

A collage of people, artists, family and art from Twin Rocks Trading Post.

Twin Rocks Loves Families of Every Sort.

At Twin Rocks we admit it, and happily so — we love families of every sort.

Grandparents and kids, people who come together to make a business, brothers and sisters, kids, families of baskets and rugs, families enjoying food, families of dogs and their humans, families of ant hills, families of every sort of creation and creature that love each other.

Love comes in all kinds of packages, and it’s a good thing to spread around.

We also remember to love the earth that nurtures us.  Because, when it comes right down to it, we are all related.

You are always welcome to our Twin Rocks family, whether you are thousands of miles away or sitting across the table.

Twin Rocks Cafe for Southwest Foodies

Twin Rocks Cafe in Bluff, UT has delicious treats fro foodies

A Foodie’s Delight — the Navajo Taco

Twin Rocks Cafe is a little piece of heaven for the weary traveler, an oasis in the desert!  We have been there on blustery days with snow on the ground and hot days in summer, and it’s always a welcome sight.

“The food is always delicious, (the best breakfast burrito in the country).The gift shop offers great jewelry, souvenirs & a lot of good stuff.  The gallery next door is extraordinary.  Always a pleasant experience!” Can’t wait to be back!” ALJ, –Annie Jones • June 14, 2010


Thank you, Annie, for the great note, and forgive us for taking so long to get back to you! We’d like to tell you (sound of trumpets) that we are still an off-the-beaten-path foodie haven in the great southwest.

If you, oh, southwest traveler, are looking for frybread, navajo tacos, or you simply want to sit on the porch and sip a cool beer or raspberry iced tea, we’ve got you covered. (Come back and visit, Annie!)

Our menu is larger than ever and, we’d like to think, the food just keeps getting better.  Our wait staff, couldn’t be better. We are honored to have some of the most wonderful people working at Twin Rocks Café, people who treat you the way all guests should be treated – with grace and care.

After you stop by and enjoy a Navajo Taco, come on down to the gallery.  Our selection of books will make your trip through the southwest more exciting and adventurous.  As for our folk art and fine art?  We are betting that you will find at least one piece irresistible, as did David.  Here’s his note to us:   “We visited Twin Rocks the end of Jun 2012…a great place. We purchased several things: a basket, and some earrings and a necklace. My wife found a set of earrings made to look like yellow corn. She also purchased a necklace and earrings made like corn in turquoise.

We would like to purchase a necklace in the yellow. Can you advise when you may have this item? We tell everyone that they must visit Bluff if they are out west. Great people and wonderful town. Our memories will last forever.” –David A. Raborn • November 30, 2012.

Thank you, David, and your beautiful wife.

For you who haven’t visited us?  Stop by on your way to one of the mystical and ancient places in the Southwest.  Wherever you’re heading, we’re at the crossroads.

Soon! – The Twin Rocks Crew