A Man Who is an Unusual Weaver, Allison Billy

Georgiana Kennedy Simpson from Twin Rocks Trading Post interviews Navajo Rug Weaver Allison Billy.

Allison is one of the few men in Utah, or in any part of the Navajo Nation, who is a weaver.  Traditionally a woman’s art, Allison talks about how he learned (from his grandmother), and when he learned –when he was nine years old.

Allison is a terrific storyteller, and listening to a rare person is always, well, a rare treat.

Think a Navajo Weaving Costs Too Much? Think Again!

Click on this link, and watch the difference between money and value:  (And turn the sound up!)

Navajo master weaver Sadie Curtis talks about her craft. Filmed and edited by Laurie McDonald, consulting anthropologist Teresa Wilkins, UNM–Gallup, native cedar flute music by Terry McKinley. Produced in 2006.

Navajo Weavings are prized by musuems and collectors

Master Weaver Sadie Curtis shows us the Art, Joy, and Extraordinary Technique in her weavings

Sadie Curtis tells us that it takes a long time to learn traditional Navajo weaving

Sadie Curtis laughs about learning weaving