Mom and Duke’s Trading Post

Rose and Duke Simpson at their Blue Mountain Trading Post in Blanding, UT

Rose and Duke Simpson — aka Mom and Dad — in the Trading Post

We at Twin Rocks are Trading Post kids.  It’s sort of like being a military brat. You are in a world of your own, understood only by those who’ve been there, done that.  Thankfully, it’s world that comes to your own door, and it’s also a world that’s as big as you want to make it when you step outside and climb into your truck.

How many miles do you want to go to find a few perfect pieces?  How many artistic friends do you want to meet on the way?  How many do you want to make?

Trading is an old and venerable way of life.  The Mayans went up and down their trade route which, some say, went all the way to present day Santa Fe, NM, for more years than we can count.

Here in Bluff, when you stand at the Great Kiva, you can still see the paths that led to Chaco, the center of another civilization.

We at Twin Rocks learned to trade from our dad, Duke Simpson, still the patriarch of our family.  With five kids in five years, we went to work pretty young, and mom was good at laying down the law.  (Which was a good thing — we were kind of an unruly crew.)

Duke could and would trade for anything.  He’d head off in his pick-up truck with a roll of baling wire to start the bargaining, trading up, around and over.  (Having plenty of baling wire is kind of a big deal in west.)

This year is a landmark birthday for Duke and Rose who have been together for just about forever.  We wish them well. We’re glad they gave us the life they did.  Happy Birthday!

PS:  Yes, they still have a trading post.  And they have an RV Park.  If you want to stop by, head up the road 25 miles from Bluff, UT and say hello to those good people at Blue Mountain Trading Post!  Treasures await you.